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Tokyo Revengers

Published Oct 31, 2021

Tokyo Revengers (東京リベンジャーズ)


Warning: Lasting impression based review

It’s nice being surprised once in a while. Ignoring the fact that Tokyo Revengers have some serious scientific loopholes (like butterfly effect and whatnot) for its time altering plot gimmick, Tokyo Revengers presents a compelling story about a young adult trying desperately to live his life, having almost everything he loves taken away from him.

One day, he is given the opportunity to change his past, and to save the love of his life in middle school. As he takes on the miraculous chance, an entire saga of pain and suffering begins as he discovers what could have been. His dilemmas kept me on the edge of my seat; navigating a life full of painful decisions that could end in the demise of all the friendships he forges.

The characters are extremely diverse, and seem to be going through character development at every possible second - scenes not only change he environment they are in, but also gradually grows the complexity of character interactions, allowing a richer story to take place later on down the road.

This anime leaves a particularly strong memory footprint on me, with a major contributing factor attributed to the surprising cliffhanger at the end of the series. Nevertheless, I recommend the anime wholeheartedly - when watching this anime, I am reminded of Steins;Gate, although the execution and focus is drastically different.

Give it a watch!

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