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Psycho-Pass 3

Published Aug 20, 2020

Psycho-Pass 3 (PSYCHO-PASS サイコパス 3)


WARNING: Late & short review. You know, the Sibyl system, and the levels of citizens as portrayed in Psycho-Pass may one day become a reality.

Some form-factor of the Sibyl system already exists in our world; I mean, just look at the Social Credit System being developed by China.

There will be people who are within the jurisdiction of the system, but others who will be completely above the system, and even gamble to the consequences of any individual affected by the benefits or demerits of the system. Classes of citizens will develop, where those with better scores will be first-class citizens with access to everything, while those with worst scores will be stuck at second-class at best.

If not balanced correctly, those stuck below first-class will begin a spiral towards hitting a rock bottom score, which not only affects them, but also their future generations, as a parent’s low score might restrict access towards a better education for their child.

I treated Psycho-Pass as a looking-glass to a possible future - where citizens try their hardest to keep their Psycho-Pass score as low as possible. The results of the system works on everyone except a few, who are our real life equivalents of psychopaths or sociopaths, or perhaps those who hold authority over the Sibyl system.

Psycho-Pass 3 might not be the best out of the three in the anime series, but it was educational enough for me to give it a high score.

Watch it if you want to.

Happy Coding