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Published Aug 20, 2020

Gakkougurashi! (がっこうぐらし!)


NOTE: Late & short review. You know what, I like Gakkougurashi. Not because the girls are cute, or the background is particularly interesting, but because of the character dynamics.

Each and every one of these characters are fighting for survival both physically, and mentally. They all dependent on each other as a team, and losing even one of them would have detrimental effects on team morale and survival. The plot involves keeping a person insane (yes, as in mentally unwell) to brighten up their lives during long periods of isolation. That’s genius.

All the characters have clearly defined roles with predictable personalities and sad backstories, but yet contribute in their own meaningful way towards achieving the common goal of “survive”, and “find survivors”. It’s nothing as grandiose as “save the world”, but it is nevertheless an engaging experience as we explore the world and characters of Gakkogurashi.

This is one of the few anime that forced me to read the manga to find out the rest of the story - the character development, world building and plot progression after the anime is absolutely bonkers. In the manga, the ending is wonderfully executed, putting a closure to an anime that I never thought I would like.

Hence, for a full experience, watch the anime, then read the manga. It’ll only take you a day if you binge it all.

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