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:book: Encrypted Page

Published Jun 14, 2019 14:00

:coffee: Hey! I made a thing, do check it out! The project’s called EncryptedPage, and you can kinda guess what it does. Let me walk you through why I made it.

What is it?

A three-hour project that I created to see if it is possible to perform client-side decryption on encrypted content. This can not only be useful for paywalls (I’m sorry), but also for private blog posts, for none other than my blog! It is also a crucial component for the major project I am working on, which I still have to keep a secret because it is still being worked on.

What??? Why password blog posts?

Hey, hey. Hear me out now. Sometimes, you just need to have blog posts private to the general public; very sensitive information, such as progress on secret projects, personal life updates, and other things that I would prefer to keep to myself or my employers. If you know me well, I don’t really have social media, other than Twitter, which means I need to have a method to “set posts to private”, while still maintaining public posts. As I do not trust third parties with my private posts, the simplest method is to create my own means to do so.

Can it do images?

Encryted Pages, being made in 3 hours, had a clear focus of encrypting HTML pages. Images that can be converted to base 64 can be inserted into the HTML, and then encrypted. The same goes for JavaScript and CSS code. Unfortunately, there are no current plans to make this easier, mainly because by creating Encrypted Pages, I have already achieved what I need to do. I may change my mind and add the functionality to encrypt other resources and reference them from many HTML pages, but for now, nope.

Tell us more about the secret project already!



I hope you find this project at least semi-interesting. Maybe instead of me, you could be the one who extends the functionality! If you are interested, go over to the repository, and contribute!

Happy Coding,