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It's been a while. What am I up to?

Published May 31, 2019 15:59

I am most definitely not rushing this blog post knowing that my last post was 1 month ago, and the month of June is about to hit. That is most definitely not the case.

I also most definitely did not forget to save my blog post, and carelessly unplugged my battery which caused me to lose my work. That most definitely did not happen.

Well then, it has been a month, so I am relatively compelled to post a status update before the end of the month to get my money’s worth for the domain name I bought specifically for this blog. Let’s go through what I’ve learnt, what projects I plan to do, and future blog posts planned for June.

What I’ve Learnt

This month was packed full of information for me to absorb, albiet some of them are irrelevant to the current era of computing. Here is a list of (useful) things I have learned this month:

  1. Linear Regression
  2. Logistic Regression
  3. k-means & k-nn
  4. Intel 8088 Assembly
  5. PC Architecture

And many more which I find too difficult to stimulate my lazy brain to recall. Hence, I’ll leave this list in its inexhaustive state to never see again.

Projects I Plan To Do

I’m in the midst of planning for a major project that I cannot reveal until completed. This is something that I’m excited about, so you should be baselessly excited too.

Other than that, there are many, many projects upcoming that I have to plan and prototype for academic purposes, which I will open-source when I complete them. Here’s to hoping that I’ll come up with meaningful projects :beer:.

Future Blog Posts

I’ve watched many, many anime as a coping mechanism to my bottomless depression, so I’ll be making a review for all of them. Other upcoming blog posts include connecting an ESP32 to AWS, and Ethereum Smart Contracts, so you can look forward to that if weaboo land is not your thing.


I’ve typed this entire blog post in 5 minutes, with no proofreading, while watching anime reviews by Gigguk, so you can imagine the mental gymnastics I’m trying to perform to get this done, so I’m not liable for any grammatical mistakes above! Even though this is my blog!

Happy Coding,